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Nosferatu - excerpt 1
Nosferatu - excerpt 2
Nosferatu - excerpt 3

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Nosferatu (LP)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LP

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2010 Release. Originally issued in 1970, Nosferatu is band’s sole album is a highlight of early Krautrock, and it remains a lively testimonial of the fledgling German music scene of the time, which was steadily moving away from its Anglo-American role-models to create an independent sound that the English initially and somewhat disparagingly called Krautrock, but which eventually came to be a seal of quality.  A band somewhat shrouded in mystery, perhaps maintaining what little attention they still get due to the involvement of Krautrock notable Conny Plank (Guru Guru, Kraftwerk, etc, the producer here), Nosferatu gave listeners one sole self-titled album in 1970, a mix of Hammond drenched early proto-prog, wild howling vocals with plenty of emphasis on improvised lengthy sax and flute passages. Included in the infamous Nurse With Wound list
Cat. number: LHC 93
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych