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Jan Jelinek, Ricardo Villalobos, Soundwalk Collective

What We Leave Behind: Jean-Luc Godard Archives - Remixes (12")

Label: The Vinyl Factory

Format: 12"

Genre: Compositional

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In a fine tribute to the pivotal events of Mai ’68, Ricardo Villalobos, Jan Jelinek and Petre Inspirescu remix Soundwalk Collective’s collages of archival Jean-Luc Godard material in impressionistic ways for the ‘floor.  Across the front, Ricardo V smears the smoky, jazz-wise source material of Death is the Enemy into a bustle of splayed drums and voices with a Gauloises-wisp quality, gradually resolving into a rolling momentum that melts out into a more fractious, psychedelic experience.  On the back, Jan Jelinek takes the reins for a deeply charming play of hushed, noirish jazz notes, searching synth tendrils and smudged voices on his mix of L’Impossible Du Possible, and Petre Inspirescu reworks Death is the Enemy with a sublime, weightless tension that never breaks. (Boomkat)
Cat. number: VF276
Year: 2019