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AMM music is supposed to admit all sounds but the members of AMM have marked preferences. An open-ness to the totality of sounds implies a tendency away from traditional musical structures towards informality. Governing this tendency -reining it in- are various thoroughly traditional musical structures such as saxophone, piano, violin, guitar, etc., in each of which reposes a portion of the history of music. Further echoes of the history of music enter through the medium of the transistor radio (the use of which as a musical instrument was pioneered by John Cage). However, it is not the exclusive privilege of music to have a history -sound has history too. Industry and modern technology have added machine sounds and electronic sounds to the primeval sounds of thunderstorm, volcanic eruption, avalanche and tidal wave.”  Cornelius Cardew, Towards an Ethics of Improvisation

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
An Unintended Legacy (3CD Set) AMM An Unintended Legacy (3CD Set) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 97 Experimental 3CD set 44    
AMMMusic (Lp) AMM AMMMusic (Lp) BLACK TRUFFLE BT 018LP Experimental LP 17.90    
Trinity AMM - John Butcher Trinity MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD71 Experimental CD 14.90    
Supersession Eddie PREVOST - Evan PARKER - Keith ROWE - Barry Guy Supersession MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 17 CD 14,90    
Spanish Fighters AMM Spanish Fighters MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 94 Experimental CD 14.90    
Two London Concerts AMM Two London Concerts MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD85 Experimental CD 14.90    
Live in Allentown USA (1994) AMM Live in Allentown USA (1994) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 30 Experimental CD 16.50    
Newfoundland (1992) AMM Newfoundland (1992) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 23 Experimental CD 16.50    
The nameless uncarved block AMM The nameless uncarved block MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 20 Experimental CD 13.90    
The inexhaustible document (1987) AMM The inexhaustible document (1987) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 13 Jazz CD 13.50    
Combine + Laminates + Treatise (1984) AMM Combine + Laminates + Treatise (1984) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 26 Experimental CD 14.90    
Generative themes (1982-83) AMM Generative themes (1982-83) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 06 Experimental CD 16.50    
To hear and back again (1973-75) AMM To hear and back again (1973-75) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 03 Experimental CD 14.90    
Fine AMM Fine MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 46 Experimental CD 16.50    
Laminal AMM Laminal MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 31 Experimental CDx3 35.90