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Darkened, yet shone - 1
Darkened, yet shone - 2
Darkened, yet shone - 3

Eddie Prévost, John Edwards

Darkened, yet Shone

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Combining free improvisation, free jazz, rock, and electronic improvisation, the trio of Eddie Prevost (drums), No Moore (guitarist), and bassist John Edwards are caught live at Iklectik in London, 2017, for a concert that changes pace from vigorous riffs to unconventional introspection, with masterful playing and profound technique, an exceptional performance.

The trio of Eddie Prévost (drums), NO Moore (guitarism), and bassist John Edwards (if 'bassist' captures everything it is that John Edwards can do) combines improvisation, free jazz, rock, and electronic sound into a sonorous aggregate that avoids collapsing into any one category, in order to be something in its very own right. Propulsive rhythm, new sounds, and energetic improvisation will be the order of the night, while expectations will be both met and mangled."-Cafe OTO

Cat. number: MRCD 97
Year: 2019

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