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The Whole Moon Rests... - 1
The Whole Moon Rests... - 2
The Whole Moon Rests... - 3
The Whole Moon Rests... - 4

Eddie Prévost, Ken Ikeda

The Whole Moon Rests In A Dewdrop On The Grass

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Tip! Performing live at Cafe OTO in London, 2018, Japanese sound artist and composer Ken Ikeda comes together with percussionist and Matchless label-leader Eddie Prevost for a concert of resonant, rich improvisation, Ikeda's electronics complementing Prevost's bowed cymbals as the duo builds to a diverse offering of powerful yet controlled sonic uproar. Stunning!

Rare duo set from Japanese musician and artist Ken Ikeda - who has composed and recorded for David Lynch and Moriko Mori amongst others - and English percussionist Eddie Prevost, the seminal figure of free improvised music since the 1960s.  Eddie Prevost plays with immense fire, grace and invention. Founder of the essential AMM, collaborator of the greatest improvisers internationally, since the 60's he has kept a continuous contact with the scene and always manages to invent anew his contribution to "meta-music".  Ken Ikeda (b. 1964, Japan) is a composer and performer, born in Tokyo. After studying at Berklee College of Music, he has exhibited sound art and visual installations around the world, and has worked with John Russell, Eddie Prevost, David Toop, Simon Scott, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama and many other improvising musicians; He has collaborated with, amongst others, artist Mariko Mori, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Tadanori Yokoo; and composed and recorded for film maker David Lynch. He released CD albums from Touch, Spekk, Baskaru, White Paddy Mountain and Home Normal. Ken Ikeda currently lives and works in London, UK."-Cafe OTO

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