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Luc Ferrari

Luc Ferrari (February 5, 1929 – August 22, 2005) was a French composer, particularly noted for his tape music. In 1954, Ferrari went to the United States to meet Edgard Varèse, whose Déserts he had heard on the radio, and had impressed him. The use of ambient recordings was to become a distinctive part of Ferrari's musical language. Ferrari's Presque rien No. 1 'Le Lever du jour au bord de la mer' (1970) is regarded as a classic of its kind. In it, Ferrari takes a day-long recording of environmental sounds at a Yugoslavian beach and, through editing, makes a piece that lasts just twenty-one minutes. Ferrari continued to write purely instrumental music as well as his tape pieces. He also made a number of documentary films on contemporary composers in rehearsal, including Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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Atelier de Libération de la Musique (Lp) Luc Ferrari Atelier de Libération de la Musique (Lp) ALGA MARGHEN plana-F 043NMN156 Electronic LP 21.90    
Tinguely 1967 Luc Ferrari Tinguely 1967 SUB ROSA SR 429LP Electronic LP 15.50    
Contes Sentimentaux Luc Ferrari - Brunhild FERRARI Contes Sentimentaux SHIIIN SHIIIN8 Electronic 4xCD BOX 48    
Visitation eRikm - Luc Ferrari Visitation PLANAM planarie N2 Electronic Vinyl LP 18.90    
Madame De Shanghai - Après Presque Rien - Visage 2 Luc Ferrari Madame De Shanghai - Après Presque Rien - Visage 2 Mode mode 228 Experimental CD 16.60    
Labyrinthe de violence / DANSE Luc Ferrari Labyrinthe de violence / DANSE ALGA MARGHEN plana-F alga27 Experimental Vinyl LP 18.90    
Volume 1: Chansons Pour Le Corps Luc Ferrari Volume 1: Chansons Pour Le Corps Mode mode 81 Compositional CD 16.50    
Archives Genetiquement Modifiees/Societe II Luc Ferrari Archives Genetiquement Modifiees/Societe II ROBOT RECORDS RR 39 Compositional Form CD 14.90    
Musique Concrete (Lp) Bernard Parmegiani - Francois BAYLE - Ivo MALEC - Luc Ferrari Musique Concrete (Lp) Modern Silence OI019 Library/Soundtracks LP 19.90  
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Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 Luc Ferrari Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 SUB ROSA SR 435CD Electronic CDx3 19.90  
Out of stock
Presque Rien (2lp) Luc Ferrari Presque Rien (2lp) Recollection GRM REGRM 005 Electronic Vinyl LPx2 19.90  
Out of stock
Heterozygote / Petite Symphonie... Luc Ferrari Heterozygote / Petite Symphonie... Recollection GRM REGRM 017LP Electronic LP 16.90  
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Ephémère Luc Ferrari - Brunhild FERRARI - Vincent Royer Ephémère Mode mode 285 Compositional CD 16.90  
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L'Oeuvre Electronique Luc Ferrari L'Oeuvre Electronique INA - GRM ina G 6017/6026 Electronic CDbox 10xcd + bklt 45  
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Tautologos III / Havresac Luc Ferrari - Brunhild FERRARI - GOL Tautologos III / Havresac Editions Piednu PN0114 Electronic CD 13  
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