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Brunhild Ferrari, Luc Ferrari

Contes Sentimentaux

Label: Shiiin

Format: 4xCD Box

Genre: Electronic

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These pieces have been made between 1989 and 1994 for the German radio. Brunhild and Luc Ferrari are speaking around the pieces from Luc like 'Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps', 'Ce qu'à vu le Cers', 'Collection de petites pièces' (36 enfilades pour piano et magnétophone), 'Music promenade' among others, describing small details and anecdotes. They speak in French and German and consider the recorder as a scratchpad.
"The success of a piece such as "L'Ile re-sonante" liesin the fact that, more than he happy outcome of a synthesis of the composer's earlier work, it now seems to be the result of a natural osmosis. It is a perfectly autonomous work which, in accordance with her wishes, ends up be escaping fromm its author because of the infinitely varied interpretations that can be placed on it every time is heard." (Daniel Caux)

Cat. number: SHIIIN8
Year: 2013

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