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Luc Ferrari

Programme Commun

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Red vinyl edition, limited 250 copies. to Sub Rosa presents two substantial pieces from electro-acoustic musique concrete innovator Luc Ferrari: "Programme commun pour clavecin et bande magnetique" (1972), performed by Elisabeth Chojnacka, and another previously-unreleased piece that he held dear: "Les emois d'Aphrodite" (1986/1998), performed by San Francisco's MC Band under his direction. "'Programme commun...': Although cheerful, this piece of music asks a serious question: can one separate one's political and artistic concerns, either directly, as a film can allow, or indirectly, as in this music? Mostly though, this music is my way of commemorating the signing, in 1972, of the Programme Commun. 'Les Emois d'Aphrodite': From the 1986 version I have retained the character of this piece, a kind of disjointed rock that periodically pops up as Aphrodite's dance. I have added harmonic 'manipulations,' or a progression toward disjointed harmony, which is what I currently look for (I have not said 'which is my current aesthetics'). Finally, the introduction of samplers makes it possible to convey the liveliness of time to disjoint tones." --Luc Ferrari

Cat. number: SR354 LP
Year: 2013

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