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Luc Ferrari, Brunhild Ferrari

Programme Commun

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: 2CDbox+booklet

Genre: Experimental

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Sub Rosa presents two volumes of work from French composer Luc Ferrari and his wife and closest collaborator, Brunhild Ferrari. These two volumes are being released together and simultaneously, as a sign of continuation. For Luc Ferrari, this is the first full-length CD to come out after the trilogy Sub Rosa developed with him. What we have here is three substantial pieces: "Programme commun pour clavecin et bande magnetique" (1972), performed by Elisabeth Chonacka, "Didascalies" (1993) performed by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Claude Berset, and Vincent Royer (in 2009) and previously available only on vinyl (note that "Didascalies" and "Didascalies 2" are two different compositions), and another previously-unreleased piece that he held dear, "Les emois d'Aphrodite" (1986-1998), performed by San Francisco's MC Band under his direction. Sub Rosa is also pleased to release for the first time the solo works of Brunhild Ferrari: "Derivatif" (2008), "Brumes du reveil" (2009) and "Tranquilles Impatiences" (2010), forming a trilogy on reconstruction from a memory that is still quite alive. These works are new bricks in the erection of a liberating oeuvre.

- "Anyone interested in contemporary experimental music or just simply music which does something quite knowingly different should check this without delay, Didascalies is a testament to a great master of our times." --Boomkat

Cat. number: SR363
Year: 2013

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