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Alice Coltrane

A Monastic Trio

Label: Impulse!

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Jazz

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The first Alice Coltrane album, originally issued by Impulse! Studio recordings from 1967/68. Alice Coltrane (harp, piano); Pharoah Sanders : (bass clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone); Ben Riley (drums); Rashied Ali (drums); Jimmy Garrison (bass; John Coltrane (voice). It is called a monastic trio, because John's body has left here. And all the music she has made 'more separated' from John than the initial 'Ohnedaruth' is monastic (Where she has lived separated, herself, from public drain). Monastic and spun solitarily in a string cosmos/universe inhabited by memory, of event and emotional circumstance. But they are all loneliness mentioned, sung about.
Cat. number: IMPD 267
Year: 1998