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stephan mathieu

A Static Place
€ 65.00
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stephan mathieu - A Static Place

stephan mathieu

A Static Place

€ 65.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx2 | CATALOG N. MIN29 | YEAR. (2012)

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Deluxe edition on double LP, an edition of 155 copies, individually inscribed and numbered, cear vinyl, 140g audiophile quality "Sourced from a mic’d gramophone playing 78rpm records from 1928 to 1932 with a cactus needle for a stylus, A Static Place has the more urgent, dynamic feeling to it. There is heavy use of hissing and layers of analog static to be heard on "Schwarzschild Radius", but it is used sparingly, burying processed choral arrangements and organ passages in its fuzzy warmth. Vinyl surface noise is a bit played out in my opinion, which is why this disc excels in its measured approach to using it. There is far more overt use of the musical elements of the source material in the beautiful waves of sound, with the various forms of digital processing transforming, but not destroying, the music its created from. The two part title track clearly demonstrates this, with glistening, soaring melodies being teased out of the ancient vinyl, juxtaposing melody and texture, almost mimicking a journey through arid deserts and claustrophobic caves. The second part includes what must be piano tones and orchestra-like outbursts in its long journey. "Dawn" seems to take even more of its source material to heart, intertwining jazzy melodies over what resembles rattling metal to create a slow piece that carries its beauty all the way to the final moments of the album. All five of the pieces display Mathieu's balanced hand in reshaping existing sound into beautiful new worlds. Probably due to their similar approach, I felt some parallels to Philip Jeck's work with turntables, but Mathieu is a singular artist that really sounds like no one else." Brainwashed

stephan matheiu

Notes   Tracklisting
Edition of 155 copies, individually inscribed and numbered -clear vinyl, 140g audiophile quality

Composed by Stephan Mathieu between December 2007 and October 2011 using early 78rpm records, mechanical-acoustic gramophones and computers.

‘A Static Place (Vinyl)’ comprises an analog mix of the material originally released on CD by 12k, and ‘Coda (For WK)’, an exclusive track of 20 minutes duration.


Edition of 155 copies, individually inscribed and numbered -cear vinyl, 140g audiophile quality

Triple gatefold cover, 350g inside-out stock
Fully printed inner sleeves
A1 size poster (33 x 23" / 84 x 59cm)

24bit FLAC download code


Design by Caro Mikalef for Studio Cabina

Analog reprocessing by Henner Dondorf at Andromeda Studio
DMM cut by Hendrik Pauler at Pauler Acoustics
Pressed by Pallas Group GmbH

A1   Schwarzschild Radius 10:00  
A2   A Static Place I 10:00  
B1   Minuet 10:00  
B2   Dawn 10:00  
C   A Static Place II 20:00  
D   Coda (For WK) 20:00