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bear bones, lay low

Alien Encrypted Message (Lp)
€ 11.90
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bear bones, lay low - Alien Encrypted Message (Lp)

bear bones, lay low

Alien Encrypted Message (Lp)

€ 11.90

LABEL: Private
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. RHD-032BEARBONES2 | YEAR. (2018)

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Proper lysergic melters from Bear Bones, Lay Low on No ‘Label’ - a sometime home to Jamal Moss, Torn Hawk, Morgan Buckley, among many others

Pushing the label’s boundaries for psychotomimetic behaviour, Atlantean Encrypted Message bubbles up from a place usually only visited in the throes of a full blown acid trip. On the A-side, the Belgian artist Ernesto González Rondón tilts in steeply with the warped wormhole of the EP’s title track perhaps meant as gateway as much as a test of the listener’s tolerance for altered states.

If you manage to come out the other end, frazzled but eager for more, you’ll find the swaying kosmische mystery of The Well’s Son to greet and soothe your sparking synapses, but again it’s all or nothing on the B-side’s viscous droner Dans Tes Limbes, which comes on like one of those dark, paranoid waves where you’re not sure if you’ll make it out alive, when the walls are melting and everyone’s gargoyling in your grill.

If this finished in a locked groove it may well send you over the edge. Just strap in tight and keep a snifter of something to bring you back to earth when it’s required. You’ll be reet reset.

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