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Another Songbook - excerpt 1
Another Songbook - excerpt 2
Another Songbook - excerpt 3
Another Songbook - excerpt 4
File under: Contemporary

Charles Edward Ives

Another Songbook

Label: ezz-thetics

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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Conductor Sebastian Gottschick presents an additional selection of songs and chamber music works from composer Charles Edward Ives that reflect this broad range, 20 mostly brief and innovative works composed between 1898 and 1921, blurring the boundaries between genres through unusual motifs, themes, gestures and phrases that appear in new vocal and/or instrumental contexts.

**In process of stocking** "For the second part of his transcriptions Sebastian Gottschick again presents a selection of songs and chamber music works that reflect this broad range. The songs themselves, composed between 1898 and 1921, are so innovative that they invite experimentation in texture and orchestration. What is more, in Ives' intellectual world the boundaries between genres are blurred: time and again, motifs, themes, gestures or even entire phrases appear in new vocal and/or instrumental contexts, that is, they change without losing their history."- Wolfgang Rathert

File under: Contemporary
Cat. number: ezz-thetics 1008
Year: 2020

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