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Arthur Russell

Another Thought

Label: Orange Mountain Music

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"During his lifetime, classically trained composer, cellist and disco legend Arthur Russell studied and performed with a wide variety of musicians and artists including The Flying Lizards, David Byrne, Rhys Chatham, Ali Akbar Khan, Allen Ginsberg, John Hammond, Peter Gordon, Jon Gibson, Jerry Harrison, Garret List, Frank Pagano, Andy Paley, Leni Pickett and Peter Zummo. In 1979, Russell, working under the name Dinosaur, wrote and produced Kiss Me Again -- the first disco single to be released by Sire Records and the first of Russell's many innovative dance tunes. Kiss Me Again also features contributions from then-fledgling guitarist David Byrne. As a solo act in the 1980s, he produced successes such as the single 'In the Light of the Miracle' (featured on this release) and the album World of Echo (1987, Rough Trade) a masterpiece that defies description and categorization. World of Echo was included in Melody Maker's 'Top Thirty Releases of 1986'. When Russell dies of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 40, the Village Voice wrote, 'his songs were so personal that it seems as though he simply vanished into his music.' Orange Mountain's re-release of Russell's 1994 album Another Thought (Point Music) is a fitting tribute to one of music's greatest and most underappreciated musical innovators."
Cat. number: OMM 027CD
Year: 2006