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Days and Nights in Rocinha (excerpt)
File under: Minimalism

Philip Glass

Orchestral Music

Label: Orange Mountain Music

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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The second release to be drawn from Orange Mountain Music's Philip Glass Archive series, this disc - if you hadn't guessed - focuses on the composer's orchestral works, namely his compositions Days And Nights In Rocinha and Persephone. The former of these was inspired by the titular neighbourhood in Rio De Janeiro, best known for its celebrated samba school. Accordingly, the piece is redolent of a Latin American influence, opening with a languid romantic melody only to eventually augment itself with bristling percussion and Bolero-type rhythms. A more elaborate piece, Persephone was inspired by a sequence in Robert Wilson's theatrical interpretation of TS Eliot's The Waste Land, and is divided into five movements. The first of these, 'Family' introduces the configuration of orchestral instrumentation and choral harmony in dramatic fashion, whilst there's something of a magical, fairytale quality to the melodies in 'Beds', only for that dreamlike quality to be disrupted by the taut staccato of the 'Cocktail Party' section. The principal strength of a release like this is in its overall cogency, and the two extended pieces in this Orchestral Music volume represent very different aspects of the composer's range, yet also make for remarkably easy bedfellows, complementing one another nicely in a continuous listening session.

File under: Minimalism
Cat. number: OMM0047
Year: 2007