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File under: Underwater

Fabio Fabor


Label: Sonor Music Editions

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

Small restock available, sold out at source. Limited edition of 500. First reissue. Welcome to the peak of underwater Italian library music. This is Fabio "Fabor" Borgazzi's Aquarium (1980), a totally amazing underwater modal jazz and lounge album with loads of vintage electronic keyboards, marine echoes, whirling organs, weird underwater synthesizers, jazzy drumming, and so on... This record is clearly a Holy Grail, with a bunch of lascivious tracks that simply let the listener's enjoyment grow so smoothly -- after many a delightful replay, one is moved to call it a perfect masterpiece.

File under: Underwater
Cat. number: SME 016LP
Year: 2016

Edition of 500 copies