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Best of 2016

Chiarosi, Fabio Fabor, Oscar Rocchi

Dramatest 1974

Label: Schema Records

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**CD version** Absolute music composed for keys which sound is processed in order to obtain particular effects, timbre and soundscape. There would not be other words needed to describe “Dramatest”, a release of experimental library music published in 1974 by Fonovideo and signed by Oscar Rocchi (and his moniker Chiarosi) and Fabio Fabor. Rocchi, an excellent pianist and composer, had worked with heavy weights of Italian jazz such as Dino Piana e Oscar Valdambrini (on their amazing album Afrodite) while developing a career as author of library music. Some of his works had been recently reissued, like “Erbe selvatiche” and “Pop Paraphrenia”... others are yet to be re-discovered, for instance the two volumes of “Stressorama”, co-written with Barigozzi and Fabor. Of the latter, we had been able to appreciate works like “Pape Satan”, “Infini” (with Armando Sciascia) or beautiful library music releases like “Aquarium”.
“Dramatest” is the encounter of these two great musicians, 14 explorations of the electronic spectrum, casting pure experimentalism, melody and no fillers whatsoever. A subtle eccentricity permeates this work (as often happened with this genre) reaching a whole new level with its titles names: there is no other way to classify titles such as “Toccata 2000”, “Agopuntura”, “Ostinadanza”, “Industrial shok” (sic), “Nero sud” and “Tastodrama”. A further element that contributes in making “Dramatest” one of the best examples of the lost art of Italian libraries.

Cat. number: SCEB 955 CD
Year: 2016

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