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Loren Connors, Jim O'Rourke

Are You Going To Stop... In Bern?

Label: hatOLOGY

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"In fact, the art of O'Rourke and Connors lies in letting one feel the immobility withi n movement, and in instilling movement right at the heart of immobility. It's almost superfluous to say that this music belongs to the realm of dreams, it's music for the mind, abstract and yet wholly present to itself and therefore totally concrete too. The two guitarists set off in search of sound. Their quest is wildly raging now and then, but only for a brief moment, most of the time it's contemplative. Just as the meditative mode can suffice unto itself, so O'Rourke and Connors let the sound come to them, thus giving it all the time and space it needs to unfurl in suc cessive waves, all alike and yet all different. This music, figurative and non-figurative, almost oriental in its sparseness yet eternally rooted in the American landscape, invites the following thought - if John Cage had ever composed any country music, it would certainly have sounded like this"-Thierry Jousse

"[...] The music here is sparse and certainly experimental, but it's melodic and easy to listen to, as well -- a concept not encountered in most contemporary avant-garde music. At times, it's easy to get lost in the guitar drones, but this is a record well worth waiting for."-Marc Gilman, All Music Guide, 2000
Cat. number: hatOLOGY 686
Year: 2010

Recorded at TonArt, Kunstmuseum Bern on December 10, 1997
Recording produced by Thomas Adank, Swiss Radio DRS 2

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