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At The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine

Label: Quakebasket

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Sound Art

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LONG OUT OF PRINT, FEW COPIES AVAILABLE: originally planned as a release for the now legendary Aspen magazine these six meditations in "spontaneous sound" have finally made their way into mass consciousness. Recorded live at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 1970 using a truly vast array of gongs, cymbals, chimes, timpani, bass drums, woodwinds, as well as some instruments specifically designed for him by somnambulist instrument builder and musical maverick Harry Bertoia. From a faint whisper to a giant roar, these recordings drift through space effortlessly creating a feeling of calm that becomes even more engrossing with each new listen.

Multi-instrumentalist and ancient child ChristopherTree came out of the primordial art scene that was pre-Beat Los Angeles. Untrained as a musician but innately skilled in the creation of things forcible, spontaneous and beautiful, he garnered his first audiences performing with the earliest light show happenings of the 1950's. He went on to share stage bills with such divergent forces as Captain Beefheart, The Incredible String Band, John Cage, Jefferson
Airplane and even Lenny Bruce. With infatuated supporters such as Angus MacLise, Jack Cassidy and Harry Bertoia, Tree's evocation of improvised sound soon became one of the best kept secrets of the American avant-garde.

Cat. number: qb15
Year: 2002