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Bleeding Headwound - excerpt 1
Bleeding Headwound - excerpt 2

Richard Ramirez

Bleeding Headwound

Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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**300 copies in digipack** Let's celebrate the 25th anniversary of this release with a re-release. Bleeding Headwound was released on OEC as a tape 25 years ago and here comes for the first time the CD version of this historical album. Tremendous Old-Shool Industrial-Noise recorded at The Meatshop in 1995. All sounds by Richard Ramirez. No need to say more! Digital mastering and trasfer from original tape plus sound boosting by Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico / Lunus).

Althrough there are 3 titles listed on cover notes we took the decision to digitalize the original tape sounds into 2 long tracks (Side A / Side B) and keep sounds as close as possible to the original cassette release just pumping-up volumes and doing a good mastering work. Therefore, tracks 1 and 2 are now the medley of the first track on CD

Cat. number: OECD 279
Year: 2020

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