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File under: NeofolkAvant-garde

Ain Soph


Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


"After the first edition back in 1992 on Cthulhu Records, and the OEC re-edition in 2003 here comes the 3rd edition of this very seminal album! As for the first re-edition, to the album was added one unreleased exclusive track recorded during the same first Aurora recording sessions but never used on any album nor compilations. This album is to be considered a pioneers opera of neo-folk cabaret which has influenced many artists. A very controversial and politically incorrect album talking about Italy during and after "WW2". Digipack artwork basically in the same form of the original but for the first time all lyrics on the booklet are in both: original languages (such as Italian, French, Spanish, Latin...) and English translations. The whole album was completely re-mastered for best and high quality sound."

File under: NeofolkAvant-garde
Cat. number: OECD 053
Year: 2012

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