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Akio Suzuki, David Toop

Breath - taking

Label: Confront Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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Since an appearance at Derek Bailey’s Company Week in the late 1970s, Suzuki’s visits to the UK have been few. The day after his British Museum show he played an improvised duo with David Toop at the Sound 323 record shop in Highgate. This was a delicate, probing set, in which Suzuki got much mileage from a polished brass plate, spun, scraped and hit. Toop meanwhile moved from crackling dried flower stalks to dog whistles, and embarked on adventures in feedback oozing from a microphone beneath a small drum. Some of this was so quiet as to blend perfectly with a woman’s voice, apparently singing in the bath, audible from next door. ..... most memorable were some less restrained moments of curious beauty, when flutes of stone and bamboo engaged with percussive textures. ..... exquisitely earthy. Clive Bell - The Wire

Akio Suzuki: kikkokikiriki, stone-flute, small stones, pan pipe, silent toy
David Toop: flutes, bone whistle, dog whistles, stones, whistling pot, organic materials, feedback device

Cat. number: confront 14
Year: 2004

Minimal improvisation using a meditative set of instruments including stone flute, small stones, and a "silent toy", from David Toop recording with Akio Suzuki on a rare trip to the UK. 

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