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Calenture and Light Leaks - excerpt 1
Calenture and Light Leaks - excerpt 2

Evan Parker, Paul G. Smyth

Calenture and Light Leaks

Label: Weekertoft

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

“a brisk but free-flowing dialogue with phrases and ideas being batted back and forth between them ... in effect, they are soloing simultaneously with each being aware of the other's playing and responsive to it. Even when Parker gets locked into one of his protracted, circular-breathing solos, Smyth is still there with him, responding with an impressively gargantuan solo of his own. The two obviously understand and complement each other well.” — John Eyles, All About Jazz

“Parker and Smyth use stillness to step outside the ticks of the clock and build something mysterious and substantial in between ... still, cleansing ... powerful and affecting.” — The New York City Jazz Record – Best of 2019

"... there is no doubt that we hold here one of the masterpieces of (Parker's) discography but also of the genre, all styles and eras. Captured live, the two tracks of unequal length reach a fullness and beauty that is comparable to the greatest peaks in the history of jazz and improvised music" — Le Vif / L'Express

"It’s all exactly as one might hope and expect." — Jazzwise

"Far too much happens in this performance to remember it all, so it’s a very good thing it was recorded." — The Wire

Cat. number: WEEKERTOFT 10
Year: 2019

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