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Psychic Armour - excerpt

Paul G. Smyth, Chris Corsano

Psychic Armour

Label: Weekertoft

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"Operating at an extremely high level, Smyth and Corsano share a special connection. One can almost see their thoughts syncing together and their bodies merging into one four-armed monster. Several moments are reminiscent of the best work from Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley, while still managing to sound like Smyth and Corsano." — Burning Ambulance

“With the energy and focus on display, it is tempting to compare the meeting to two heavyweights coming toe-to-toe, prepared to slug it out… but that would not do it justice, as it would ignore the co-operation and empathy between the two… the two contribute equally to the music’s impressive variety, momentum and musicality. Their music is guaranteed to quickly draw in listeners and keep them engaged throughout. Please may this duo become more than just a one-off encounter.” — All About Jazz"Immensely powerful" — a Jazz Noise

"makes you realise just how good improvised music can be ... This CD is a master class in how to improvise, how this music speaks, communicates and above all entertains – absolutely." — Kind of Jazz (Sammy Stein's Top 3 Albums of 2016)

"We're up to our knees in duo and small group improv discs, so it takes something special to stand out. This one's a genuine keeper."— The Wire

"The 2015 concert of loose drumskins and taut piano strings has all the freshness and energy of Don Pullen and Milford Graves’ 1966 duet recordings with a half-century history of improvisatory practice added." — The New York City Jazz Record

“this is righteous improv from the Irish/American duo of Paul G. Smyth and Chris Corsano … A well-rounded set that will get plenty of replay chez Dalston Sound.” — Dalston Sound

"A self-contained journey that showcases unique artistry to its limits without letdown" — Jazzword

"[a] consistently engaging double-team attack on the senses." — Thumped

Cat. number: WKTCD 5
Year: 2016

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