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best of 2015
best of 2015

Elio Martusciello, Fabrizio Casti

Chamber Rites

Label: Die Schachtel

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Chamber rites is an encounter based on sharing emotions, on audio-visual exchange, on the practice of radical improvisation, characterized by a location or context, of which we define a part of its mobile architecture. Ours is a ritual whose coordinates – spatial, temporal and performative – are traced by signs, at the same time enigmatic and visible, sedimented in time” (Fabrizio Casti and Elio Martusciello, 2015)

Fabrizio Casti is an italian experimental music composer that operates also in acustic and electroacoustic improvisation. He teaches Elements of Music Composition and analysis at the State Music Conservatory of Cagliari (Italy). He is the author of vocal, instrumental and chamber, symphonic works as well as for instruments and live electronics. He is Artistic Director of Spaziomusica and is on the Board of SpaziomusicaRicerca, Cagliari. Both associations aim at musical research, mainly towards composition, and promotion of contemporary and experimental music. His works have been published by RaiTrade, Ricordi and Ut Orpheus and recorded by ECM, Stradivarius, LIMEN, Ricordi-Nuova Fonit Cetra, Warsaw Autumn e Spaziomusica.

Elio Martusciello is an italian electroacoustic and experimental music composer, musician and visual artist. He teaches electronic music at the Music Conservatory of Naples (Italy). He studied photography with Mimmo Jodice) and visual arts with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. His aesthetics are inspired by acousmatics, but in addition he composes for instruments and live electronics, operates in installation art, multimedia, visual arts and electroacoustic improvisation. His works have been recorded by Recommended Records, Staalplaat, Die Schachtel, Ambiances Magnetiques, FMP, GMEM, IMEB, and others.

Cat. number: DSZeitC17
Year: 2015

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