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Charivari music

Label: Paradigm Discs

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The second album by Morphogenesis finds the British improvising group continuing its exploration of unrecognizable sounds. Between the electronics that all group members play and the homemade instruments of Michael Prime (water machine and biofeedback) and Clive Graham (amplified springs), the listener is somewhat disoriented, adrift in a sound field of unknown origins. However, the music evolves in a very organic fashion, without the sudden harsh transitions that characterize some contemporary improvisation. Most of the pieces on this album were taken from group sessions between 1993 and 1996, when the group consisted of seven members, but because of the disparity in sessions, the lineups are amalgams of various members and instrumentation. "Shorepoints" is the one exception, having been recorded live at the London Music Collective Festival in 1994. Each piece does have its own character. "Buttons," featuring guest player Andy Weir, uses external recordings from opera and radio, as well as almost plunderphonics-style quick changes that dominate the sound world for brief windows. The two "Stentor" pieces focus on percussive sounds, while "Preview Piece" examines drones and sirens, and is generally more atmospheric. Charivari Music is defined as a serenade of discordant noises, made of kettles and horns, designed to annoy and insult. This ironic title is a good description of this Morphogenesis release, but for listeners with open ears the effect is exhilarating. (Caleb Deupree - AllMusicGuide)
Cat. number: PD 02
Year: 1996

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