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Cocaine Death

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Noise

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Cocaine Death is a compilation of three of Prurient's finest Hospital cassette releases as well as two unreleased tracks. The previously released material forms a triptych exploring the relationship between futile pleasure, substance and escape; escape being a myth. Cocaine Death (originally C-10 packaged in an envelope, limited to 46 copies) is perhaps the most sought after of the recent Prurient cassettes. The content is based on the glamour and destruction of toxic nightlife. The B-side features guest vocals from FFH and continues the themes with the addition of bondage. This material is a considered classic modern Prurient. Caribbean Overdose (originally a C-10, packaged in a standard shell package and limited to 100 copies) explores a different but strangely direct topic of the sexual reproductive life of plants. There is nothing common or typical about the sounds and direction of this material. Further examination into the life of scientific advancement and education. Tylenol Murders (originally a C-10, packaged in an oversized envelope and limited to 10 copies) takes the sounds and concepts of the aforementioned releases and expands the sounds to further limits of cracked static, strained vocals and strange melodic loops. This sought after limited material is seeing the light on this release to most Prurient listeners for the first time. Since the inception of both Prurient and the Hospital Productions label, cassette releases have been an essential format for the communication and participation in the industrial-noise culture. packaged in digipack with 16 page color booklet.'
Cat. number: HOS-232
Year: 2008

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