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Di Lumi e Chiarori - excerpt 1
Di Lumi e Chiarori - excerpt 2
Di Lumi e Chiarori - excerpt 3
Di Lumi e Chiarori - excerpt 4
Di Lumi e Chiarori - excerpt 5

Fabio Orsi

Di Lumi e Chiarori (4CD Box)

Label: Backwards

Format: 4CD Box

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**250 copies** "Backwards is really pleased to present the new Fabio Orsi release. This time Fabio offered a monumental work: eight long tracks contained in a huge box set with four compact discs. Musically it stands on the new course of the artist: together with the classic ambient and drone atmospheres that we know well, the work has more dynamic parts with rhythms and pulsations, and more melodic parts. A perfect meeting between ambient music and berlin-style electronics, between intimate and dreaming atmospheres and epic soundscapes. Comes in an elegant matt finish box, with four cardboard wallet inside and one insert."

Cat. number: BWCD07
Year: 2020
Genre: Electronic