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Label: Die Schachtel

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Another welcomed return in our Zeit Series - his 2010 Neuma Q being one of the best received titles in the series - Osvaldo Coluccino presents a collection of his early (1997-2007) electroacoustic pieces. From the dark drones of Dimensioni (interspersed with the treated voice of Jacques Lacan) to the treated percussions of Nell'attimo, to the acousmatic brilliance of Dal margine, this CD is a journey into the brilliant head and the complex soul of one of the most interesting Italian contemporary composers, whose music is always on the edge, stretched between a flight towards a distant and bright horizon and a dive into the darkest obscurity.

Osvaldo Coluccino (1963) is a composer and poet. His compositions have been commissioned by Venice Biennale, Milano Musica, RAI National Symphony Orchestra and others, and have been performed in several festivals of classical and contemporary music. Monographic CDs have been released by labels Neos, Col legno, Die Schachtel, Another Timbre, RAI Trade, Due Punte. His works have been performed by many ensembles (for example Ensemble Recherche and Nieuw Ensemble) and by several conductors and soloists. His music has been broadcasted on radio SWR, Radio France, ORF, BR-Klassik, RAI Radio3, Concertzender, Radio Slovenija, SF SoundRadio, Vatican Radio and on other radios. He has composed music since 1979, and completed his contribution as a poet in 2003, having published until now five of his eight books and on prestigious literature magazines.

Cat. number: DSZC14
Year: 2015

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