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Jim O'Rourke


Label: Staalplaat

Format: double CD

Out of stock

Original first pressing (1992), recorded with a firm eye on the experimental end of the spectrum, this 2CD set will delight anyone with even a solitary Hafler Trio/Tod Dockstader/Luc Ferrari/Morton Feldman etc. release embedded in their collection, unfurling as it does with the grace of a stretching cat, whilst examining themes which could readily have become overly claustrophobic. An ebbing crucible of electro-acoustic fragments (all obscured through skilful treatments), AM radio, field recordings and anonymous entities, pieces like 'Mere' and 'A Young Person's Guide To Drowning' take an age to develop; but are all the better for it. Overtly influenced by Tzadik's 'Terminal Pharmacy', O'Rourke was there a decade before anyone else. Engage
Cat. number: STCD 048 / KP 4292
Year: 1992

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