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Jason Kahn, Norbert Möslang

Distinctly_dive (Lp)

Label: Bocian Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Time-served, Zurich-based improvisors, Norbert Möslang (Voice Crack) and Jason Kahn reprise their duo with 'Distinctly_Dive', recorded March 1st, 2013 in St. Gallen by Jason Kahn for Poland's Bocian. Skittish percussion, stray shortwave radio and amorphous spectral electronics collide, overlap and react against each other in an almost jazz-wise display of rhythmic fluidity and tonal chaos perfectly suspended and given room in the mix by Möslang. 

On the A-side they never quite tear-out but do give the impression that there's more than two of them, chucking up flurries of wild-handed percussion inextricably interlaced and diffused with Möslang's patented "cracked everyday electronics" in roiling, dynamic formation. The other side breaks down as two pieces: one sounding a carillon of bells and cutlery that snowballs into a proper pots 'n pans avalanche; the other dealing with sharper angles and splattered tonalities barrelled forth with streaking electronics.

Cat. number: BCNM2JK
Year: 2015

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