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Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series Vol. 3

Label: Wergo

Format: CDx3

Genre: Experimental

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Wergo presents the third volume of the Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series. Recorded between 1960 and 1973, the original LPs from which these CDs were taken have long been collector's items. These rare and historically important recordings of international avantgarde music have been carefully digitized and remastered by the Earle Brown Music Foundation. The series presents the extraordinary world of contemporary and avant-garde music that fl ourished in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Japan in the 1960s and early 1970s. This set includes works by Luciano Berio, John Cage and Toshiro Mayuzumi, and features the great singer Cathy Berberian. Each set in the series contains three CDs in jewel boxes with the original liner notes and covers." Featured works: Luciano Berio's Circles, John Cage's Aria with Fontana Mix, Toshiro Mayazumi's Nirvana Symphony, Iannis Xenakis' Herma and Roger Reynolds' Fantasy For Pianist and Yuji Takahashi's Metathesis.
Cat. number: WER69342
Year: 2012
Comes in a box with three CD's in regular jewel case and four booklets contaning liner notes in English, German and French. This set is volume three in a series of six volumes reproducing 18 LP albums originally released on Time Records and Mainstream Records. These albums were curated and published by Earle Brown between 1960 and 1973. The individual CD's have been reproduced with original artwork and liner notes. The fourth booklet contain further info on the series, not included with the original releases.
Disc 1 originally released in 1962 by Time Records as S/8003 (stereo) and 58003 (mono) under the title "Circles / Frammento / Aria With Fontana Mix".
Disc 2 originally released in 1962 by Time Records as S/8004 (stereo) and as 58004 (mono) under the title "Nirvana-Symphonie".
Disc 3 originally released in 1970 by Mainstream Records as MS/5000 (stereo) under the title "New Music For Piano(s)".

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