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Ephemeral - excerpt 1
Ephemeral - excerpt 2
Ephemeral - excerpt 3
Ephemeral - excerpt 4
Ephemeral - excerpt 5


Ephemeral (LP)

Label: Kvitnu

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**White vinyl** Mingle keeps moving forward: right after Static and its apparent calm, Ephemeral, the brand new album, gets released. This marks Mingle's second effort on Kvitnu (part of a four-chapter series which includes Movements and Masks, both released on Tannen Records). The ingredients remain the same: an introspective and melancholic journey, winding through static minimalism, aggressive landscapes, refined harmonies and disturbing rhythms.

"Pure advanced psychedelic sound flow. A perfect guide for a deep inside trip of any complexity. Music, which can handle time. The ticking of an old alarm clock, keeping the time, relentless... Certain vanishing moments, they become dreams that you can't seize - dreams pass, weightless. They don't happen. That very instant - it's when you're looking for relief, detached from anguish, far from reality. The daily ephemeral dose speeds up, it becomes frantic and doesn't stop. Desire translates to immediate enjoyment. Everything goes quickly, everything vanishes into some fresh ambition, in the illusion of something new, fast. The true essence of desire lies in absence."

Cat. number: KVITNU 52
Year: 2017

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