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Fireburn the Bloodlot - excerpt 1
Fireburn the Bloodlot - excerpt 2

Sins For Beginners

Fireburn the Bloodlot (LP)

Label: Ideal Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**300 copies** Fireburn the Bloodlot commits crenellated walls of guitar noise by CM Von Hausswolff and Joachim Nordwall under their Sins For Beginners alias for avant-garde powerhouse, Ideal. Mantled after a phrase Richard Kern graffitied on the bathroom wall of Hausswolff’s Lower East Side apartment in the late ‘80s, Fireburn the Bloodlot dispatches a pair of unrelenting and incendiary exercises in amp worship and FX-mutilated electric guitars - which is perhaps not what one might expect from these masters of the oscillator. Unflinchingly recorded by Linus Andersson (Goat, The Skull Defekts, The Leather Nun), the music surely warrants comparisons with Glenn Branca’s massed armies of strings, or Sunn 0))) at their crankiest, but it’s simply a swaggering swell of pure, white hot evil destined to get under the skin of fans of all kinds of extreme metal, drone and noise. Art by Savage Pencil. Design by Philip Marshall. For Mika Vainio.

Cat. number: iDEAL176
Year: 2019

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