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Jared Sagar


Label: Unfathomless

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**200 copies** "The field recordings of Holme were made from Jan/Feb of 2016. Due to being on a very tight budget all these sounds were recorded onto a Tascam DR-05, a portable, lightweight, handheld device, and then arranged with computer software. I wanted to retain the original sound as much as possible, while still manipulating it in some way. I also did not want these recordings to be ‘normal’ recordings of wind, sea, etc, I needed to put my mark on it. The longish drones heard throughout the piece are various sounds of the wind and the distant sea rumbling in the background.

Holme is situated on the coast, full of whispering amber sand, soft beds of dunes, and at the heart of all this there is a nature reserve, one is open access, the other is less accessible, for extreme nature lovers wanting to bird watch. There is a trail that leads around the reserve taking you in and out through different worlds. Inland you have density…birds…rabbits even, making homes out of the flat, isolated fields nearby. You can easily walk out to the sea in no time at all, this reserve has a noisy neighbour, crashing then whispering next to these quieter fields. This long trail stretches as far as the eye can see. It eventually stops near the second reserve, where a small wooded area is situated. It feels odd having a woodland so close to the sea, but that is part of its charm, its beauty, its mystique." - Jared Sagar, April 2016

Cat. number: U42
Year: 2017

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