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Frank Ricotti, Michael d'Albuquerque

First Wind (LP)

Label: Alternative Fox

Format: LP

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"Alternative Fox present a reissue of Ricotti & Albuquerque's First Wind, originally released in 1971. Percussionist Frank Ricotti played in the National Youth Orchestra and was rated the UK's top vibraphonist during the late 1960s. In 1971, with guitarist Mike de Albuquerque, he cut the multifaceted jazz album, First Wind, which alternated between experimental rock-influenced jazz and thoughtful adaptations of work by James Taylor, John Sebastian, and Melanie Safka, with some surprising blues diversions too, such as Albuquerque's Go Out and Get It. However, Albuquerque soon joined ELO as a bassist, putting an end to the duo."

Cat. number: FOX 033 LP
Year: 2020
Genre: Jazz
File under: Jazz-Rock