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Rat Columns

Fooling Around

Label: Blackest Ever Black

Format: LP

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First vinyl release of the definitive version of "Fooling Around," which appeared in truncated form on Rat Columns' 2014 album Leaf (R.I.P. Society). Its void-chasing motoric and moody jangle evoke Splendour of Fear-era Felt or David Kilgour at his dreamiest, strapped to the engine of NEU!'s "Für Immer." "Living in the New World" summons Orange Juiceor The Modern Lovers, but with a darker, more delirious edge; "Should I Leave You Alone?" closes with square-jawed dub-bass and chewy tape FX yielding to baroquely beautiful guitar phrasing and limpid Moog tone-float. Picture sleeve; includes insert and download code. Edition of 500.

Cat. number: 043ep
Year: 2015

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