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Suicide, Lydia Lunch

Frankie Teardrop (10")

Label: Blast First Petite

Format: 10"

Genre: Experimental

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Known to Rev & Vega as the Baby Faced Killer who they so kindly chaperoned through that lost downtown night world crucible from where both their futuristic, and highly influential, black arts would be born. Artistic Kings & Queens from the dumpster side of town.  Lydia gets all wet and dirty with thought of what young Frankie Teardrop might do to her, over a twisted frug of an electronic beat-nicked soundscape by one time Lemon Kitten, David Knight.  Rules are for breaking. Here we like to break our own. So our tried and true E.P. format of inviting a young 'un to try their strength on the Vega meter is torched in grace and favour of blessing the planet with one THE great lost Suicide archive items.  This is the thirteen minute epic 1976 recording of Suicide dropping da' bomb on what was then known as "Frankie Teardrop, The Detective vs The Space Alien". Yowsa, yowsa ya all.  Wrapped in the sleek horror-show of the Met Police's recent publication of an X-Ray of some teens head with a knife in it. Frankie T thru Alien eyes perhaps..... 

Lights out kiddiewinkies

Cat. number: PTYY 024
Year: 2008
B- From the archive of Mr Howard (without whom...) Both sides plays at 33 1/3 RPM but label asserts that A side plays at 45 RPM. This is #4 in the Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series. Limited edition of 2000.

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