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Pan Sonic

Kuvaputki (Cathode Ray Tube)

Label: Blast First Petite

Format: DVD

Genre: Experimental

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Region 0 (free)/NTSC format DVD. The first ever Pansonic DVD release by Edward Quist, American digital visual artist. A live performance, close filmed. A redux digital film based around a Pansonic performance from their New York stop of their adventurous 1999 Round The World Tour. The film is a hyper-real abstract reflection of the duo, in the final year of the last century. While the documentary core remains, the footage is twisted and shaped by Quist into a new form in conjunction with Pansonic's improvised set, Vainio & Vaisanen are immersed in the imagery of the cathode which seems to live and infect their physicality over the course of the three parallel films until they merge with their own sound and Quist's mesmerising visuals. Sonar Electronic Festival described the film as 'a beautiful and unique film capturing the very essence of a Pansonic live performance... which really is quite an achievement.' SXSW Music Festival calls it 'an embodiment. Probably the most perfect electronic music film yet.' ICA Film London 'surprisingly watchable. Forty minutes of unswervingly moderne, super intense sound & visuals.' Duration 38.05 mins. Digipack packaging. Dolby digital 5.1 Upmix.
Cat. number: PTYT 009
Year: 2008