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I Gres

I Gres 1

Label: Cometa

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**restocked** First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail released in 1974. A really must-have for any Library Breaks DJ vinyl collector. This is Silvano  Chimenti and Romano Rizzati (alias Walter Rizzati) I Gres Vol.1, a sought-after  funky breaks Library monster featuring the noted track "Restless" made famous  by DJ Leacy, and containing other dope breaks and beats.  I Gres were a studio group only founded by Silvano Chimenti that recorded 3  studio albums, recording Funky Library music. Band name brings the members  signs: the "G" of organist Giorgio Carnini , "R" standing for maestro  Roberto Pregadio, "E" was the I Gres drummer Enzo Restuccia  and  finally the "S" of the leading band man Silvano Chimenti. The LP is mainly  based on Rock-Blues, Funky & Groovy music. Among the tunes: "Restless"  (this classic B-boy favourite cop Funk was also used as the main theme for the  "Dibattito politico" 1975 Tv programme); "non chalant" seems to be perfect  movie ending theme, a nostalgic Progressive Breaks Score created by the  genius of Silvano Chimenti, Library guitar hero!; "grumblings" is Giorgio  Carnini's nice organ cinematic tension theme; "hot dogs" Funk and killer  guitar with distortions

Cat. number: GV001
Year: 2015

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