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    Poextensions & Contexts

    Label: Subterranean Records

    Format: Vinyl 7”

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    One of the earlier Z'ev recodings, under his real name (Stefan Weisser) this amazing artist records develops a personality all it's own, a wonderfully crafted noise product to be played at any speed, depending on the mood, drugs, or time at hand. Pioneered by Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music," the only comparison to be found. Complete of all the instert, hand signed
    Cat. number: SUB 14
    Year: 1970
    Genre: Sound Art
    "Pure poetry"
    Source material: "Oomoonoon: Dancing On The Brink Of The Word" and "Spatial Poetics"
    Both sides can be played at any speed.
    Limited edition on black vinyl with no labels.
    "The weaving together of language"
    12 original copies (printed as six) of visual, concrete poetry.
    Source material: Vintage mimeographed copies of book reports by young students

    All copies were signed:
    "1981 1/900"