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File under: Americana

NWW list

The infamoust list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Ya Ho Wha 13

I'm Gonna Take You Home


Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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There is no higher echelon whispered in spare breath amidst commune-psych heads than the lofty peaks wherein these record reside... the pinnacle of “outsider” psychedelic music.  Father Yod and Yahowha 13 ride the eternal now and come up with a psychedelic classic. The story of Father Yod, Yahowa 13 and the Source Family could literally fill books, but rest assured, they truly were the "apex of high" in terms of psychedelic music. The basics: Father Yod was a WWII flying ace and spiritual seeker who gathered his "children" around him in early 1970s Los Angeles. Among them were some fantastic musicians and the Source Family recorded over a dozen albums of free form jams featuring Father Yod on vocals/kettle drum/gong creating a truly original sound. I'm Gonna Take You Home was recorded 1973 and originally a double album. Father Yod sings/chants and speaks/shouts his philosophy as the band cooks up a furious rhythm behind him. Nothing like this exists in the 21st Century. This reissue from Swordfish records presents the highest quality remaster yet for Yodheads.

File under: Americana
Cat. number: SW1
Year: 2018


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