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Dirk Serries, Kris Vanderstraeten, Martina Verhoeven


Label: A New Wave Of Jazz

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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**300 copies** "Dirk Serries (acoustic guitars), Kris Vanderstraeten (percussion) and Martina Verhoeven (piano) – these are three featured figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. Musicians are playing and collaborating with dozens of other famous jazz masters. Their music is played with expression, drive, creativity and energy. All three musicians have their own style of improvising, sparkling virtuosity and the will to create new, exciting and modern sound. All their music is usually based on the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Impetus is the newest collaboration of these three musicians. It’s an exciting occassion to hear out all three improvisers playing together. An album is based on dynamic turns, passionate thrills, remarkable charming melodies and gorgeous timbres. Sonoristic experiments, coloristics and research of strange timbres are added to flowing impressive melodies, bright riffs and wild culminations. All these elements joined together create an effective, bright and original sound. The musicians are using their own ways of playing and experimental ideas to form an instrumental section. It’s original, vivid and modern, based on extravagant decisions, provocative, rare, radical or simply crazy ideas, unexpected surprises and special effects. An open form is chosed everywhere – the musicians are get along just fine and succesfully create adventurous, impressive and tremendous free improvisations. Telephatic corresponding to each other’s playing, immediate responses, spontaneous solos and instant improvising are the main elements of each composition. The stylistic variety is wide and organic – American, European and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, newest innovations of experimental jazz and modern jazz sounds are connected together. The musicians frequently make a return to the roots of avant-garde jazz – the typical elements of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz, classical forms and old ways of improvising, classical playing techniques and traditional forms are used here and gently fit together with fresh experiments and evocative ideas. Guitarist Dirk Serries is mixing up together dynamic solos, roaring thrills, heavy aggressive riffs, expressive melodies, flowing passages and special effects. Relaxing, calm, meditative or solemn pieces also are the parts of these compositions – it has an effective and touching sound. Improviser mixes up together his own style, unique sound, expression, drive and creatvity and finally makes an original sound, which is the key of the melody line. Guitars and piano brought together make an independent and incredibele melody line. Dynamic and vivid guitars are corresponding to piano. Martina Verhoeven’s music is a burst of energy, emotions and passions. Her music mostly played in bright and active mood – hot thrills, full blasts of energy, booming breaking culminations, driving solos, frantic perturbating sequences, special effects, sharp timbres, transcendental flowing passages and remarkable, simply fantastic melodies are the main compounds of piano improvisations. That makes a solid base of the melody line, brings colorful tunes and sounds to the background and effects an original and dynamic rhythmic section. Colorful timbres, special effects, exotic tunes, extended playing techniques, evocative radical decisions, sonoristic experiments, free improvisations and bright moving improvisations – that’s the base of Kris Vanderstraeten’s percussion’s section. The improvisations is the source of new colors, engaging free improvisations, driving culminations and surprising decisions. Whole album is created with fantasy, passion and drive – it has modern and touching sound." - Avantscena

Dirk Serries : acoustic guitars
Kris Vanderstraeten : percussion
Martina Verhoeven : piano
Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio, Anderlecht (Belgium) on December 2018. 

Cat. number: NWOJ024
Year: 2019

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