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Vibracathedral Orchestra

Joka Baya

Label: VHF Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Folk

Out of stock

First in a trio of limited edition new LP’s from the ever mysterious Vibracathedral crew, returning from another relatively quiet period with an uncompromising set of outre’ jams. Slightly reorganized around a lineup of stalwarts Mick Flower and Adam Davenport with frequent collaborators John Godbert (Total) and John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man), the band here stretches way, way out over these six sides, taking in several different styles while maintaining “that” sound all the way through. Joka Baya offers up a first side of short pieces, in a high-fidelity style that is in direct contrast to the dark, smoky sound of the rest of the tracks. The percussive grooves laid down by all 4 members are overlaid with Sunroof-like shimmer, stabbing electric leads, gentle acoustic rain, and droning organ peeking through at opportune moments. The roaring side-long epic on the flip is a droning, phasing slice of psychedelia with Moloney’s drums battering the tape in between long stretches of humming stasis. Cut by John Golden, audiophile pressed at RTI. Limited pressing.
Cat. number: vhf119
Year: 2010