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Nikos Veliotis, Xavier CHARLES

Kaspian Black

Label: Alt Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Nikos Veliotis - After an initial involvement in the Athens pop/electronic scene during the late 80s as a founding member of In Trance 95, Veliotis later turned to the experimental field (working primarily with cello & video). Since the late 90s he has pushed the boundaries of sound and image using unorthodox cello techniques,silence and multilateral abstract visuals. Collaborations include Cranc (with Rhodri & Angharad Davies), Looper (with Martin Kuchen & Ingar Zach) and Mohammad (with Ilios & Coti K., and released on PAN records). Xavier Charles is an active clarinetist in the world of improvised music, known from a variety of constellations and ensembles like ‘Dans les arbres’ and ‘Contest of Pleasures’. Currently his musical research ranges from performance on the clarinet and bass to the installation of vibrating speakers, at the edge of improvised music, noise and electro-acoustic sound. He is further involved in the music world as an organizer of the fesival Densités (FR). Kaspian Black create sonic landscapes that balance between extremes of uninhibited "cacophony" and painstakingly detailed exploration of static floating sounds, powerful attacks and serene atmospheres. Kaspian Black is Xavier Charles [clarinet] & Nikos Veliotis [cello]

Cat. number: av061
Year: 2015