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Hen ogledd

Label: Alt Vinyl

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

180gm LP limited to 250 copies. Between them Rhodri Davies and Richard Dawson are busy people. Playing festivals across the UK, Europe and the US; with their last solo albums (Wound Response and The Glass Trunk) both receiving huge critical acclaim, and serially collaborating with prominent figures across music's counter culture. Hailing from Newcastle, Dawson:Davies: Hen ogledd is the new good buddy duo-project between pioneering harp-fiend-legend-dangerman Rhodri Davies and rebel singer-painter-shaman Richard Dawson. This first joint record is a terrific circular musical tug-of-war between two kindred spirits; ravishing gravel melodies, higgledy piggeldy rhythms and thick, burbling textures..... like some Ocora sampler that's been mashed to billy-o.

Cat. number: av050
Year: 2013