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Luminance Ratio

Honey Ant Dreaming

Label: Alt Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Honey ant dreaming is the third full-length album by this Italian combo, following the release of the 7 inch split-series they shared with Yannis Kyriakides, Oren Ambarchi & Steve RodenThe music on this album is muscular, dreamy, evocative and occasionally percussive: this is an initiatory journey inspired by the strength of the Honey Ant Mural painted in 1971 by Papunya’s aborigines, an immersive trip through six tracks, created with a blend of guitars, electronics, percussions, beats and vibraphones. The layout is a beautiful art edition with heavy hand screened sleeve and 180 gr. translucent vinyl.


Luminance ratio’s music can make you levitate, psychically and emotionally, the different ingredients creating a unique, huge, psychedelic stream of consciousness.


Cat. number: av068
Year: 2016