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Zoviet France

Flexible Pooling


Format: flexi disc

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**Strictly Limited White 7" flexi disc with bonus 18 minute track download redeemable from the label - 30 minutes total** Northumberland's Alt.vinyl serve a spectral flexidisc spin-off from :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project's 'Patina Pooling' (2014) album. Presented on the perfect, malleable format for their rusted ambient ruminations, 'Flexible Pooling' embraces the flexi disc's infidelities, using its proneness to erosion to convey an ever-changing meaning to the music within, much the same way that the album it was spawned from was susceptible to intentional "damage" from its sheet-metal casing. The tracks, as they stand now after a couple of listens, are ghostly windswept spirals, which, we imagine will only accrete new layers of dirt and dimension-distorting texture as time bleeds on...

Cat. number: av064
Year: 2014

oused in oversized handstamped paper bag with insert and download code.
The 7" is a square white flexi double-sided picture disc

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