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Zoviet France

Patina Pooling (Metal Box Set)


Format: 2xLP metal box

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**2x180g vinyl wrapped in weathered and laser-etched reclaimed steel sleeve. Packaged with artefacts salvaged from a burnt-out American warehouse in the '80s. Weighs a ton and looks incredible - but be warned the rust does spread. Edition of 350 copies** 'Patina Pooling' is a haunting "call and response of residue and hybrid" between Newcastle's industrial pioneers, :zoviet*france: and like-minded, Illinois, USA-based sound scavengers, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. It marks F.A.M.P.'s first appearance on vinyl after decades of tapes, CDrs and mp3s, and Z*F's follow-up for Alt.Vinyl to the excellent '7.10.12' album. Closely mirroring the alchemical, organic processes of decomposition, its heaving, acousmatic mass of burred found sound and breathing tape loops evoke acutely vivid, haptic and synaesthetic reactions from the coruscating sonics to the bright orange rust left under your nails from touching the sleeve. Ultimately it's a richly involving topographical reading of two distant, neglected and yet spiritually-related industrial regions.

Cat. number: av052
Year: 2014

:zoviet*france: and fossil aerosol mining project
Double 180gm vinyl LP set housed in a custom made heavy duty 0.9m distressed laser etched, hand folded steel sleeve.
Limited edition of 350 copies.

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