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best of 2015
best of 2015

Karl Bosmann


Label: Alt Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Outstanding!!! Karl Bosmann is a German post industrial electronic innovator. On this LP and Art edition release he works with a curetronic modular system ,a mopho and his Korg MS-20. The Coma theme, while stimulating an outpouring of electronic and sampled creativity, has its origins in a close friend’s post motorcycle accident coma from a few years ago. Karl describes the long drawn out process of observing the coma as both awful and yet fascinating at the same time. The album tracks show the initial hope of recovery, followed by the more melancholic hopelessness as time passes.

"Karl Bosmann is a German post-industrial / electro-acoustic tactician who seems to come from the Conrad Schnitzler mold of continuous experimentation with his equipment in pushing it to expressive means, no matter how atemporal or atonal the resulting sounds might be. Bosmann showcases a wide array of electronic circuity, whose home-built, tone-bent aesthetics take after the sound poems of early electronic music coupled with the nondestructive strategies from the likes of Nautical Almanac. His electronic insectoid blips, click, and blorps percolate through live-wire electrical fields and the humming cycles akin to fluorescent bulbs. Dotted through the experiments, Bosmann interjects collages of industrial-space field recordings coupled with overlapping male / female spoken word bits, whose content and context are smeared to the point of abstraction following the Hafler Trio's many demonstrations of information overload.

Cat. number: av059
Year: 2015

ltd edition of 200 on 180gm vinyl. covers hand screenprinted by Sam Grant

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